Automating onboarding for an $11.5M exit.

SplitTesting, a conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency, needed to streamline their client onboarding process to scale their business. With robust onboarding flows & an automated business, their resulting high margins & streamlined flow achieved them an $11.5M acquisition.

Our approach

Streamlining onboarding to scale your business

SplitTesting's client onboarding process was tedious, time-consuming, and difficult to scale. They needed a system that could be easily replicated and scaled to meet the growing demand for their services - without excess man-hours.

Myth: automation kills personalization

In reality, automation actually enhances personalization. By using smart systems to manage repetitive tasks, you can spend your time on relevant customization, which builds stronger client relationships and increases customer satisfaction.

Myth: proposals take days to create

In reality, great proposals are almost always completely automated. Not only does it save you money, but automating the monotonous parts of proposal-writing lets you devote your (now-burgeoning) time to making a stronger case for your services.

1. Analyze

First, review: analyze SplitTesting's existing onboarding process and identify areas where automation could save time and improve consistency.

2. Automate

Next: automation. Simple flows, like a one-click proposal-to-Monday-board system made onboarding a breeze. Now that team members no longer have to deal with mundane tasks like emails, proposals, & client information gathering, they're able to reduce manual labor and handle 3x the volume.

3. Refine

Lastly, refinement: continuous review and optimization of the onboarding process ensured a smooth and efficient experience for both the agency and its clients.

Leveraging automation for growth and acquisition

By automating key aspects of their client onboarding process, SplitTesting was able to scale their business more effectively, attracting the attention of a larger company that eventually acquired them for $11.5M. While we can't take credit for the sale itself, their onboarding flow was a key asset in their rapid growth & high margins.

$11.5M acquisition

Significant reduction in onboarding time

Consistent client experience

Scale your agency to new heights.

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