Scaling to $90K/month in less than a year.

1SecondCopy is a content marketing agency. By implementing a fully automated sales outreach system, we helped them grow to $90K/month in under twelve months.

Our approach

Can you automate lead generation?

When we started working with 1SecondCopy, they were spending thousands of dollars on labor & lead lists and getting nowhere. Their salespeople were tired, burnt out, and ineffective.

Myth: sales requires a ton of time

In reality, 90% of the sales cycle needs little to no human labor. By restricting sales time to a small set of tasks, you can multiply ROI.

Myth: cold outreach is dead

In reality, good outreach has never been more effective. Poor quality spam services have flooded the market, so with a dash of personalization and the right targeting, you cut through the noise instantly.

1. Target

Using custom LinkedIn audiences and an automated scraping system, we built lists of qualified, high-probability leads.

2. Customize

We pre-generated unique messaging for each lead using procedural and AI-based approaches. Our focus was ensuring every message was engaging & personal.

3. Enrich

We added value in every message, and intelligently segmented lead outcomes before placing them in customized follow-up sequences.

Using AI in real-world applications for profit

At the time, natural language processing had just reached new heights in performance. We implemented a two-step extraction & generation pipeline that took relevant information from target profiles and assembled them into a customized sequence at scale. Our open rates, reply rates, and conversion rates were all unheard of - and this translated to explosive revenue growth.

70% open rate

11% reply rate

80% reduction in sales work

Happier prospects

Improve your margins & take back your time.

Like we did for 1SecondCopy, we'll analyze your current processes and provide you with a free analysis on how to improve margins, increase throughput, and scale quickly. No strings attached. Get tens of thousands of dollars of value, absolutely free.

No credit card required.