Dad's Printing

Optimizing sales & production to $2M/yr

Dad's Printing (DP), an apparel printing company, primarily catered to B2B clientele before 2020. We helped them break into B2C sales, optimize their sales & production processes, and scale to $2M/yr.

Our approach

Generating thousands of SKUs in minutes

With the pandemic looming, print companies faced a difficult time. To overcome this, we helped DP pivot to B2C mask sales. Our automated system consolidated & published thousands of mask SKUs across multiple platforms, including Etsy, eBay, Marketplace and Shopify. Within days, we were #1 on most listings.

Myth: strong ecommerce listings take years

In reality, the majority of these platforms operate on simple principles. By optimizing listings for growth, diversifying SKUs, and automating processes, you can hit #1 in days.

Myth: product mockups are expensive

In reality, it's more expensive *not* to have mockups. Procedural image generation combined with bulk image editing tools can create thousands of quality mockups in minutes, improving conversion rates & growth.

1. Pivot

By diligently reviewing and cataloguing current capabilities with an eye towards the future, we were able to pivot into an entirely new product line.

2. Expand

Instead of taking the slow approach, like many of DP's competitors, we resolved to act quickly and decisively with automated mockup & listing approaches to secure market dominance.

3. Optimize

We increased average order value over 50% through intelligent upsells, automatic mockup generation, and a streamlined checkout process.

Taking advantage of order surges

In e-commerce, timing is everything. By securing the leading position on Etsy for face masks during the Christmas season — a period characterized by a 300-400% surge in sales volume - Dad's Printing was able to slingshot their revenue into the best year they'd ever had.

$2M revenue/year

50% average order value increase

Total platform dominance in days

Break into new industries & put scale on autopilot.

Like we did for Dad's Printing, we'll analyze your current processes and provide you with a free analysis on how to improve margins, increase throughput, and scale quickly. No strings attached. Get tens of thousands of dollars of value, absolutely free.

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