Streamlined project management

FATJOE, a leading name in the SEO world, wanted a simple project management solution for their writers. We built an autonomous system that eliminated the majority of administrative and logistical work, letting their writers get back to what they're best at: producing great content.

Our approach

High-quality, productized service

As they grow, most eight-figure agencies quickly find themselves at a crossroads: they can either prioritize sales, or prioritize fulfillment. FATJOE took a different approach. By offering highly productized, modular packages with transparent pricing & simple upfront terms, they get to deliver great service at volume. And after streamlining their project management, FATJOE is more effective than ever.

Myth: SEO agencies always get stuck at 7-figures

In reality, your ability to scale depends entirely on your staffing model & your project management chops. Agencies that get stuck in the 7-figure milieu often do so because of excessive bloat caused by bespoke pricing, inflated account managers, and so on. But by productizing your offering, and then running each product through a streamlined pipeline, companies like FATJOE grow steadily and consistently without compromising their bottom line.

1. Consultation

We discussed FATJOE's current project management practices and deep dove into their product catalog.

2. Implementation

Then, we streamlined their processes by consolidating steps, identifying fulfillment constraints, and systematically eliminating friction in their production pipeline.

3. Cost savings & efficiency

Streamlining their systems led to marked cost savings & efficiency.

Simplifying project management at scale

If you want to break through the seven-figure barrier, you can't do so with opaque, sales-driven pricing. FATJOE used transparency and productization to significantly improve their product offering—and you can too.

Steady, predictable growth

Significantly improved margins

Better quality content

Streamline project management with our ops

Like we did for FATJOE, we'll analyze your current processes and provide you with a free analysis on how to improve margins, increase throughput, and scale quickly. No strings attached. Get tens of thousands of dollars of value, absolutely free.

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